Location: Mumbai

Experience: 2-4 years

NodeJSJavaScriptTeam PlayerSelf starter
What you'll be doing:

  • You’ll deliver reliable solutions that handle massive data and high traffic, while focusing on scalability, performance, service robustness, and cost trade-offs
  • You’ll explore, improve, enhance, automate, and optimize distributed systems and tools to best meet evolving business and market needs
  • You’ll come up with a modularized, maintainable system to better understand the problems and figure out potential blockers/enhancement
  • Own the technical vision and advise the leadership team on the same – and mentor other SDEs
  • Build new features on existing platforms and debug existing codebases with minimal or no documentation of prior implementation
What you’ll bring to the team:

  • You will bring valuable expertise in NodeJS and your prior experience in data management
  • An understanding of the Fintech ecosystems and NBFCs
  • Your experience in capturing metadata for businesses
  • Knowledge and experience from managing variables like privacy and security
  • You will also bring your experience in building performance dashboards that would provide timely information and insights that enables employees to improve decisions, optimize processes and plans, and work proactively.

Interview Process & Prep Notes

  1. Scenario Assessment

    Problem Solving, Simulation Exercise, Business Acumen, Ideation
    Show us your ability to identify problems, collaborate, innovate and ideate in a competitive and fast moving environment, to eventually build the best products and product features, with an eye for business growth and domination
  2. Past Project Assessment

    Implementation, Execution, ROI On Actions/ Decisions, Scope Of Improvement, Business Turnaround
    After the thorough assessment of the basic prerequisite abilities, we shall continue by understanding more about your previous work, key professional milestones and other important aspects of your work, including your timing, skill in implementation and execution. We will go through the business, ROI impact due to your decisions in the past, and have a candid discussion on areas of improvement.
  3. Role Based Assessment

    Ideation, Business Model Design, Business Acumen,Revenue Generation & Understanding
    Now that we are cognisant of your abilities, proven skills & experience, be prepared to answer tricky questions on Ideation, Business Models and Revenue Generation
  4. Team Fitment

    Behavioural Assessment, Culture Fit, Project Knowledge, Role Operation
    Be yourself. It works out better for everyone if we're genuine. Everyone here is focused on our mission, so you should figure out what it is.

Learning & Growth

Learning Academies


Mohit Lalvani

Co-founder & CEO, LivQuik

Yudhajit Nag Sen

Co-founder & CTO, LivQuik

Karan Talwar

COO, LivQuik

Madhur Karnik

Module Lead

Vaibhav Singh

QA Lead

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